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  • Media Presence

    Autor: IMCO Staff

    • Expansión (monthly magazine)
      • Members of the Editorial Board
      • Special magazine supplement featuring with IMCO information
    • Reforma (daily newspaper)
      • Members of the Editorial Board
      • Weekly participation (articles)
    • El Economista (daily newspaper)
      • Weekly Op-Ed
    • Este País (daily Spanish newspaper)
      • Guest Op-Ed
    • El Financiero
      • Guest Op-Ed
    • Política digital
      • Quarterly articles
    • Foro Tv
      • Weekly appearance at show “La otra agenda”
    • MVS radio
      • Weekly appearance
    • NRM (Nucleo Radio Mil, a media group)
      • “Ventana a la Competitividad” (“A window to competitiveness”), weekly guest appearance at “Enfoque” (morning news show on 100.1 FM, Mexico City) with Leonardo Curzio and channels 125 of Cablevision (cable TV) and 234 of SKY (satellite TV)

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