Who are we?

We are a public policy think tank that proposes effective solutions to the most important challenges facing Mexico. As a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, we seek to better people’s lives by promoting and protecting their rights.


To enrich debate and public policy decision-making with rigorous, technical evidence and analysis with the goal of creating a more prosperous, inclusive, and just Mexico.


To transform Mexico through data, technical arguments, and new technologies, providing proposals for all critiques and evidence for all proposals.

The IMCO defends principles, not interests. Its professional ethics are based on the following principles:

  1. Non-partisanship.We are a non-partisan, non-profit institution dedicated to enhancing Mexico's competitiveness by fostering the capacity to generate, attract, and retain talent and investment.
  2. Economic freedom. We uphold that a strong State and economic freedom are the basis for the prosperity of a country.
  3. Technical rigor. Our work consists of generating analyses and policy recommendations based on evidence to transform people's lives and promote the free exercise of their rights.
  4. Institutional autonomy. We receive funding and collaborate only with companies, associations, governments, or citizens who respect our institutional autonomy.
  5. Intellectual independence. The results of our research and the proposals that emerge from them are not subject to any financial commitment nor are they subordinate to any alliance or contractual relationship.

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