La industria de las Telecomunicaciones en México

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La Industria de las Telecomunicaciones en México

Our most general impression is that in Mexico the telecommunications market is deficient in terms of coverage indexes, it has low levels of competitiveness (although it has improved) associated to a deficit in networks and the concentration of these in some players only. We also think that technological advances have had a wider impact than the regulation and policies to change the nature of the sector's competitiveness. For example, competition within the fixed-line telephone companies and per-pay television companies in the fixed-telephone and Internet markets is a consequence of network overlapping to a larger extent than "design"  or the impact of existing regulation.
Actually, this dynamic started to show up recently, after the SCT lately authorized the provision of broadband and telephone services for per-pay television companies in 2006.

IMAGE 1. Telecomm Market Share per Service per Player

Source: Own elaboration with COFETEL data (2011), Pyramid Research (2010) and Expansión (2011)


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